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Paul Sharp

I'll take up your challenge. I'll be in Champagne early next year!

Mark Shaw

Congratulations on your fine victory last weekend. I'd be interested in a France V New Zealand Sauvignon blanc challenge - I'd like to put forward this wine http://www.saintclair.co.nz/wines/tastingnote.asp?WiID=217

Do you have a New Zealand distributor for Tarlant ? would be very keen to taste it. If you don't I'll have to wait until I make the my next trip to Europe. Good luck against England!

Benoit Tarlant

You ll be welcome in Champagne.
Well, for sauvignon, i'm not the one to asked, it is not my speciality.
You can find some of our wines, in wellington by Rumbles Wines.


Great blog. I think you would be interested in an article in the "Wall Street Journal" from today on LVMH and Champagne more broadly:

What are your thoughts on their strategy and role in the industry?

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